Find the pilot who can take you to see the sunrise.

Engaging with Ascension's discreet and professional executive search service can help you finding the leader - pilot you need: someone who can bring ideas to life as well as leading your organisation successfully.

From checking the weather, actuating the burner, to determining what direction to steer the balloon and landing all passengers smoothly, the pilot needs to have exceptional control and navigation of the balloon.

In every business and every function, you need a pilot who can set the right direction, navigate unforeseen internal structural and external business changes, and finally ensure the whole team cross the finishing line together. 

Finding that skillful and versatile pilot who can deal with any change in the "wind" in today's rapidly digitalising world, is like finding a needle in the haystack.

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Sector Focus

We focus in 3 sectors: distribution within life insurance; technology talent search for financial services, healthcare and e-commerce corporations; plus digital marketing for the aforementioned industries. Our strengths lie in searching for C-Suite and senior management (C-2). 

For technology we focus in 2 areas:

  • data (data analytics, data science, data engineering)quantum computing 

  • Cybersecurity

For digital marketing we do:

  • CRM

  • Performance Marketing and General Digital Marketing

Roles And Skills

We specialize in the following:

For insurance distribution:

-  able to manage senior stakeholders

-  have solid regional markets knowledge

For Technology:

- Chief Data Officer, Data Scientists, Data Engineers

-  Chief Information Officers and Chief Technology Officers

-  AI Engineers

-  NLP Algorithm Researchers

-  CISO, Cybersecurity Engineers

For Digital Marketing:

- content marketing, performance marketing, omni-channel marketing

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Assessment is more than just tests and CV, it's how one combines experience in reading the details and between the lines. It's more than just gathering another name and contact, it's about making genuine connection between human beings.

This is our purpose. When we search we don't just select. We are building long-lasting relationships that last for years.


Contact us today to find out how our search concept and methodology can help you find your next great hire.

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